What is the difference between a non-profit association and other associations that are Sole Proprietors (private owned)?

It’s simple, a true non-profit like the NSGA is an association that priorities are The Breed and The Members. To us that is the most important. Monies received for dues, registrations, etc.. are used to promote the breed and not in the pockets of an owner or Board members. Our Board members are qualified men and women who are breeders that volunteer their time to help the breed and its members! NSGA is a non-profit association with paperwork filled with state and federal government. We have our EIN # and bank account set up for the association. We also provide Financial statements and meeting minutes.

Sole Proprietorship, it always comes down to the money (Profit) going in the owners pocket. No matter how you word it they are a business owner doing what they can to make money for themselves.

How can I find a Spanish goat breeder in our area?

Check out our Members Directory, this list most members of the NSGA.

How do I get information on becoming a member of NSGA?

You can find a Membership Application under the Forms page. Complete your information, make your payment using PayPal or check and email the completed application to the register.

Is there a Youth membership?

A youth membership is available for FFA and 4–H members ages 8 to 18. Complete the membership application on the Forms page.

Can I register my Spanish goat even if it's parents are not registered?

Yes. Please review the Rules of Registration for specific requirements.

How do I register a "found" Spanish goat?

If you purchase a found goat with unknown or limited lineage fill out the registration application with as much information as you have. If you know the NSGA herd prefix of the person who owned the goat when it was born, you should use this prefix when registering your animal. You must however have the person sign the application on the Born the property of line giving their permission to use this.

If you purchase your found goat from an individual who is not a member of the NSGA you can use their last name as the prefix when registering the animal. Again, you must have the person sign the application on the Born the property of line giving permission to use their name.

If a signature is not available then your NSGA herd prefix must be used and you will sign the application on the Found goat purchased by line. Found goats from unknown herd backgrounds should be registered using your herd prefix. Make sure you sign the application on the Found goat purchased by line rather than the Born the property of line. All goats being registered must contain a herd prefix.

Can I register a goat with teat scurs or multiple teats?

Although teat scurs or multiple teats are considered an undesirable trait you can register does that display this.
You cannot however register bucks with teat scurs or multiple teats.

What is meant by a "Premium" Spanish goat?

What is the difference between “Certified Premium” and “Premium” status?

Spanish Goats are registered in one of the three categories: Certified Premium, Premium, or Heritage. Please review the Rules of Registration from the home page of this web site for specific information.

  1. Certified Premium – This category is for goats that have registered parents and grandparents (2 generations) and have excellent overall conformation.
  2. Premium – This category is for all animals that come directly from a foundation breeder.
  3. Heritage – Goats that do not meet the lineage requirements of the Premium category.

I purchased a bred doe. Under what name do I register the kids when they are born?

The NSGA’s policy is that the kids are registered under your farm/herd name since you are the owner at the time of their birth.

What do I do with the registration certificate when a goat dies?

Put the date of death on the original certificate and return it to the NSGA registrar.

What are the approved tattoo letters used each year?

2010-A        2017-J            2024-S

2011-B         2018-K          2025-T

2012-C        2019-L          2026-V

2013-D        2020-M        2027-W

2014-E         2021-N         2028-X

2015-F         2022-P          2029-Y

2016-H        2023-R         2030-Z

G, I, O, Q and U are not used.

For example, the first, second & third kids born into the herd during 2003 should have as their tattoos S1, S2 & S3 in their left ear and the breeder’s herd tattoo letters go in the right ear. To register a herd tattoo, please contact [email protected]

May I use the NSGA logo on my business cards, signs, website, etc?

The NSGA logo is copyrighted. To use the NSGA logo on your website or other form of advertising, we request the following guidelines be followed:

  1. You must be a member of the NSGA to use the logo.
  2. Please put “Member”, “Member Of” or “Lifetime Member” in conjunction with the logo.