Heritage Pure Spanish Goat Bloodlines

Over the last 150 years there have been a few families that have kept the Spanish goats true to what they were without influencing them with other breeds while at the same time improving the breed by culling their herds heavily and keeping a very high standard for the goats they were raising. We consider them our foundation breeders/bloodlines.


Rob Baylis was born in the early part of the 20th century. He began raising purebred Spanish goats in… more


Gene Bode is a man who has always loved Spanish goats. Even his grandfather kept Spanish… more


Like many Texas ranchers, Eugene Bradshaw was born into goat ranching. His family raised… more

Devil’s River

“Uno is a buck with a remarkable story. He belonged to a rancher who decided to raise Boer-cross… more


The roots of the Alabama Jericho Goats can be traced back to the original goats left in the Deep…



Robert Kensing was an economist for the Texas A&M Extension Service. One day in 1972 an extension… more

Koy Ranch

In 1991, Zona Koy Hunt purchased 20 Spanish nannies. She grew her herd, adding a Spanish billy here…



On the coast of South Carolina, on a plantation that dates back to our founding families, is a… more

Middle Valley

In early 2009, Michael Kissire purchased 100 Spanish nannies from local ranches to reintroduce…



The Morefields started their herd when they brought home some Spanish wethers from Ann Wood…



Shirley Pape was raised in Texas on a ranch that had bred sheep and Angora goats since the 1920’s…



Wesley Sawyer, like most Texans of his day, kept Spanish goats. When Wesley Sawyer passed away…


Smoke Ridge

The Smoke Ridge herd was started in 1991 with a small group of Spanish does acquired through Texas…



Tom Syfan has raised purebred Spanish goats for many years. During Syfan’s travels to destinations…



Peter Schechter and Rosa Puech of Muddy Run Farm have been breeding Spanish meat goats since 1995…



The Weinheimer Ranch was founded in 1878. Roy Weinheimer, like many Texans of his time, raised…



Ann Wood started raising goats for cashmere. Wood chose her herd for cashmere abilities. Wood has…



In 1974, the Willinghams began their herd with Spanish nannies. The first billies they purchased…